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Working for human rights amid the pandemic (Part 1)

July 09, 2020 Marei Zaghow, Mohamud Sheik Ali Season 1 Episode 2
Forum for Change
Working for human rights amid the pandemic (Part 1)
Show Notes

On this second episode (consisting of two parts) we want to share with you about ForumCiv’s experience with the global crisis brought on with the Covid-19 Pandemic. On this first part, we will focus on getting to know our colleagues Marei and Mohammud and their normal work routines in Colombia and Somalia, as well as we share with you the unbelievable impact that the Covid-19 crisis has had on both countries, considering their contexts.

Keep your ears wide open for Part 2, next week!

Youtube clips used in this episode:

The Colombia-FARC Peace Deal Explained (NowThis World)
Coronavirus: Bogotá conducts quarantine drill ahead of Colombia lockdown (DW News)
Colombia: Bogotá keeping coronavirus lockdown measures (Al Jazeera)
Colombia violence: Killings continue during lockdown (Al Jazeera)
Five indigenous leaders massacred in Colombia (Democracy Now)

UN warns of a humanitarian crisis in Somalia due to Covid-19, natural disasters (TRT)
Somalia: only one hospital to treat country’s COVID-19 patients (Al Jazeera)
Somali troops still vulnerable to al Shabaab outside Mogadishu, Pentagon says (CBA TV)

Also, here you can get more information about the current situation of ForumCiv country office in Somalia.