Forum for Change

We demand our future

June 17, 2021 ForumCiv, Alice Josephson, Sohanur Rahman Season 2 Episode 1
Forum for Change
We demand our future
Show Notes

In this first episode of our second season, we meet Alice, a Swedish teenager involved in a movement that is preparing a lawsuit against the Swedish government, and Sohanur, a young and prolific activist from Bangladesh who leads a youth network with an intersectional approach.
Continents apart, but joined in the same struggle for climate justice and part of a global citizenship to a degree no other generation has experienced.

Additional resources used in this episode:

Students around the world go on climate strike - YouTube (The Guardian)
Global Climate strike: Millions take to the streets to save the world
'Fridays for future' marches for climate change going global | DW News - YouTube
Emotional Greta Thunberg attacks world leaders: "How dare you?" - YouTube
It's Always the Economy, Stupid - Opinion - YouTube (Wall Street Journal)