Forum for Change

Beyond the laughter

September 23, 2021 ForumCiv, Mays Silwan, Arthur Toyoshima, Aline Moreno Season 2 Episode 2
Forum for Change
Beyond the laughter
Show Notes

Clowns without borders build their development interventions on humour. To create laughter that can help people in crisis and trauma to start living again, to build hope and a different society. In this episode we follow the stories of the Swedish and Brazilian chapters of the development clowns.

External resources used in this episode: 

Clowner utan Gränser i Rakhine 

Indien - Glädje till barnen i Mumbais red light district 

Två möten, Indien 2015, av Alex Hinchcliffe 

Absurdas Convivências  Episódio 2 – ConCertados 

Filippinerna - Glädje i sviterna av tyfonen Haiyan 

Absurdas Convivências  Episódio 5 - De volta à realidade